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20 janvier 2010

Just do it !

Felt Cupcake Tutorial

I have felt food on the brain at the moment.

Slightly obsessed. Today I headed over to a lovely little felt shop with a crafty friend to stock up on some new colours with these in mind. And doughnuts. Maybe bananas. Possibly sushi. Definitely some teeny tiny pretend chocolates.

A quick search of the in-ter-net came up with many cool possibilities. But what I really wanted to start making were some cupcakes.

Having spent way too much at the felt shop, I felt (get it) disinclined to spend even more money on buying a pattern and they did seem like they would be pretty straight forward to make.

So here goes.

1. Trace around top of cupcake liner. Cut out.

2. Cut out a cupcake liner and pin side and base to felt. Cut out.

3. Using the magic of INVISIBLE THREAD (which I both love and hate) sew on sprinkles. I found mine in the craft shop near the sequins.

4. Sew your cupcake sides together with a running stitch.

5. Attach the side to the top with a Blanket Stitch. I love Blanket Stitch. It's strong, but allows for a bit of give. Make sure you use thread that matches the top.

6. With Blanket Stitch again, attach sides to the base, leaving a gap to insert stuffing.

7. Stuff.

8. Finish sewing around edge.

9. Done!

Thanks Victoria

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